Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simplified Capabilities with Small Business

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 21, 2010 – ATLANTA, GA- Concept Software and Services, Inc. announced its new product, Small Business Registry®, a customized web enabled capabilities solution to government contract procurement and compliment to the Central Contract Registry with superior search qualities. Being a software developer on the GSA Schedule, Small Business launched this complete centralized data system for capabilities statement management and business matchmaking which supports small businesses in marketing to the government sector.

Small Business is the premier sourcing solutions and corporate speed dating tool for agencies such as GMSDC.  Report by the EPA, 45 percent of all small businesses have not register with or are not aware of the CCR system used to foster vendor opportunities with Federal Agencies. A recent report found that federal employees on average spend 15-20 hours per week tracking possible vendor. In today’s economy, small businesses cannot afford to miss opportunities to create vendor relationships with federal agencies.

Small Business Registry solutions make the transition of capabilities data a lead nurturing reality for small business. Business owners are able to upload their own statements unlike the CCR. This improves efficiency and is more than just a tool for storing statements. Small Business Registry solutions transform static paper to dynamic digital information- documents become searchable PDFs with email deliverability via Outlook® contacts. With Small Business Registry, government agencies have access to a unique combination of capable vendors. It’s an open and fair source for businesses and buyers.

For agency officers, request a free trial at                                Small business owner visit and upload your statement today at 

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