Sunday, August 22, 2010

Small Business Advantages of Adopting the Latest Technologies

Small business owners in the process of growing have some distinct advantages, among them being that they can readily adopt the latest technologies. They don’t have to worry about integrating into an existing infrastructure. Imagine being able to start with what works rather than having to discover it through trial and error? Small business owners have the ability to readily embrace new business models.

Small Business Registry was developed with this in mind. Our software solution gets government contracting to the small business owners by simplifying the job of the Small Business Officer. Pioneering a new market and getting certifications is difficult enough. Vendors should be relieved to find a forum such as SBR which requires zero integration, zero set-up and zero cost to initiate a trial.

There has been an epic shift in people starting new businesses. This financial crisis has lead us to be creative, innovative and pursue ideas. Small Business Registry is for those who want to take these latest advantages and level up in government contacting.

Your business should have the tools, the right information and the right access. Are you prepared to adopt new technologies, have a solid capability statement and communicate with federal small business officers? As a CEO, I was and I ask you to embrace the same.

Ravi Bhave

Concept Software Inc., CEO

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